Lesson One? Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned control-alt-delete.

I’ve been posting on this blog for five years, but nothing I’d ever written was –if I’m being completely honest– working for me. For you. For anybody.

Does that make this blog a bad idea? Or a good idea poorly implemented? Or just an idea that went off the rails?

Credit where due, I was listening to the Freakonomics podcast the other day and there was an episode all about productivity. What makes us productive? Self-help ninjas doling out advice on the nature efficiency versus productivity versus busy-work. Part of being in the business of creatively producing content, is that your brain is always stewing away at ideas: to overwork a cooking metaphor, the back-burner is slow simmering a pot of clever concepts, and every once in a while the smell of it catches you just right, you dip a spoon in a taste, and…

So there was this podcast, and I caught a whiff of my stew, my FooBarn stew, that’s been neglected and simmering quietly on the back of the stove for a couple years. Every once in a while I’ll add a bit of spice or give it a stir, but nothing worth writing about. Sometimes literally. This podcast got me thinking: not just about being more productive, but about productivity itself. After all, I’ve been trying to write about user interfaces and finding a hook into the concept of why digital systems drive us simultaneously steaming mad and crazy with love.

Why? Productivity. We’ve been promised an epic digital revolution. Some of us have it figured out. Some of us are still floundering. And flounder is tough to get right in any stew.

So, a bunch of stagnant posts here have been set to invisible. Admit it, you won’t even know they’re gone. And in their place a new idea: thinking about information productivity, what it means, and putting it to work for us, all of us. Even you.

Stay tuned.